Sophisticated Primitive Metal Art

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Harley Art

We are Metalsmiths in the tradition of the Old Time Blacksmith. Using hammer, anvil, forge, and welding torch to create an impressionistic art form, our primary body of work consists of a unique collection of sculpture made with parts from Harley Davidson motorcycles.  This particular theme harkens back to those days when men were rugged and bikers rode Harleys. This distinctive style was created over the past 25 years. By their very nature, these sculptures are mostly one of kind, no two being alike. This work was intended to relate to real life events that were actually experienced by the artist or a friend. We found they  could bring a laugh or a tear to the viewer, especially when learning about the story behind the piece.

To date, none of these pieces have ever been sold to the public. They were gifts to family and friends or a discerning collector, who showed a lot of interest in a particular work and convinced us they could not live without it.  These individuals appreciated the sophistication of this art form and wanted a certain something  special they could identify with.  Our objective now, is to put this assortment on display at an art gallery,  while leaving the collection  mostly intact for other metal art lovers to love or hate and comment on.

 Other Art Forms

Over the years, other art forms began to materialize as circumstances drove our interests. Influenced by our growing fan base, these took the form of a variety of unusual themes, including: Frogmen, Yard Birds, Plow Shear Dragons, Bonnie and Clyde, Golfers, Farm Animals, The Broken Heart, and others. Similar to Harley Art, these individual sculptures are made from scarce material related to the theme, and no two pieces are exactly the same. When seeing these for the first time, many have found them to be a whimsical delight. As time permits we will post more  pictures of our work. Unfortunately we did not take a lot of pictures in the early creative days, never thinking they would get the attention they have.

Clams Got Legs!


We are fond of a cartoon strip drawn by Johnny Hart called B.C. It is populated with funny cave man characters, one of whom is always trying to catch clams moving from one place to another. He knows they move but they are always lying still when he sees them. His hypothesis is that clams have legs. His chosen mission is to catch one in motion so he can tell the world that ”Clams got legs!“

Well, B.C. was right. Clams do have legs! We’ve got the proof.

                                                 Clams Got Legs

You can see  a few more examples in our slideshows. We will post other clam pictures in our Gallery very soon.



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